New Year, New Trips!

The travel fast is FINALLY over!

I did a voluntary (but painful) travel fast in 2018 because I didn’t want to suffer from travel fatigue (2016 and 2017 were crazy in terms of my travel schedules, among other things).

But now it’s 2019, and I’m officially free! Happy new year to me!

To celebrate, I’ve already booked two trips (I need to learn about moderation, honestly): a four-day trip to Taiwan in March and a long weekend getaway to Coron, Philippines in October. Might end up going to one or two more out-of-town trips aside from those two so I’m pretty excited.


Anyway, I’m way behind schedule for my 52 Give Challenge, but I’m already working on it so I’ll be posting something really soon.

How about you guys? Any planned trips this year? Or any travel tips you want to share?


52 Give: Week 2 (Visayas Travel Tips)

This Tuesday, a former churchmate asked me for tourist spot recommendations in the Visayas because he plans to vacation hop this month. I gave him a list, and threw in some tips as well. Here’s what I told him:

  1. If you’re into beautiful beaches + island hopping, Gigantes Islands and Guimaras are a must. If you’re planning to visit Gigantes, it’s better if you come from Roxas City (Capiz) and head for Carles, Iloilo since it’s nearer. And while you’re in Roxas, you may want to do the Cadimahan River Tour, too. Or at least get a relaxing massage or foot spa in one of its floating cottages.
  2. Foodies should definitely do a food crawl in Iloilo before heading off to Guimaras. Make sure to try the city’s famous La Paz batchoy (I recommend Netong’s and Deco’s) and Roberto’s siopao. Then drop by Margec’s in Jaro for your pasalubong needs. Their cream horns are famous, and for good reason! For other food recommendations in Iloilo, check out my post Top 5 Foods You Need to Try in Iloilo.
  3. Bacolod also has loads of delicious food, such as chicken inato and kansi. Make sure to visit Calea’s and try one of their cakes. You can head out of the actual city for other tourist spots (there’s a hot spring in Mambukal), plus the famous The Ruins in Talisay City. If you plan to visit The Ruins, make sure to do it close to sunset (4 p.m. should be safe) because the structure changes color as the sun goes down (spoiler: it’s eggwhites).
  4. For a more relaxing city crawl, spend a day in Dumaguete City, the City of Gentle People (check out my post Top 3 Things I Discovered on my Dumaguete Trip). Then hop on a ferry to Siquijor and do a day tour: The beaches there are lovely, plus there’s a super high diving spot that dared not try.
  5. Chocolate Hills in not the only tourist spot in Bohol. There’s an underground cave, a sand bar, clear waters on a beach, and other exciting places you can visit. (I’m adding this to my list because my churchmate said he wasn’t interested in Bohol because it’s only known for Chocolate Hills. I had to prove him wrong.)

Got anything to add to my list? What’s your favorite Visayas travel destination? I want to hear from you! Who knows, I might be able to use your tips for my next trip!


Top 3 Things I Discovered on my Dumaguete Trip

People go to Dumaguete for different reasons. I wanted to travel solo and Dumaguete felt like a place I can explore on my own. And so, armed only with a small backpack, three days’ worth of pocket money, and lots of courage, I flew to Dumaguete, with only my usual travel buddy Kitteh to keep me company.

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Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos

Because it is so easy to buy cheap airline tickets these days, many Filipinos now have more opportunities to visit other countries. Many of these countries require a visa, and I’m sure most travel enthusiasts have heard of at least one horror story of a visa application gone wrong.

For this blog’s first guest blogger, my friend and co-owner of What’s In Your Cup?, Iya, took it upon herself to make a quick guide for anyone interested in visiting a country with visa requirements.

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Top 5 Essentials That Every Traveler Must Have (But Usually Doesn’t)

I never did enjoy packing for a trip. It’s hard for me to decide what clothes to bring, or how many books I can stuff in my luggage (yes, that’s a real concern). Oftentimes, because I’m so caught up trying to fit everything in one bag (I never liked checking in baggage so I usually just hand-carry my stuff), I forget to pack the obvious and end up regretting it.

If you’re like me, this list should help. Here are top 5 essentials that every traveler must have, but often doesn’t:

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Top 5 Activities You Must Do on Your Guimaras Island Hopping Spree

Guimaras should be in the list of every traveling Filipino, and not just because its mangoes are to die for. This small island between Panay and Negros boasts of pristine white beaches and clear blue waters, making it a favorite destination for both local and foreign tourists in the archipelago.

The Alubihod Beach is a popular starting point for tourists who plan to go island hopping in Guimaras. My family headed straight to Raymen Beach Resort, which was recommended by the tourism office at the port. The resort charged us an entrance fee of P25 per person, and then waived it when we availed of its Guimaras island hopping package. One 10-seater boat is priced at P500 for the first hour and P150 for every succeeding hour, which is relatively cheap, compared to boat rentals in other, more commercialized, beaches.

Raymen’s Guimaras island hopping package has a set itinerary, which the boatmen would then adjust, depending on how much time you have left. To give you a bit of control over your trip, talk to the boatmen before you set off, and tell them which islands you want to prioritize. This way, you can budget your time properly and make the most out of your tour.

To help you decide, here are five things you should definitely do during your island hopping spree:

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