The Great Burger Hunt: Big Better Burgers

I love burgers. I am always and forever searching for the perfect burger sandwich. Last June, my search led me to Ayala Serin, when a friend introduced me to Big Better Burgers, her favorite burger place in Tagaytay.

Big Better Burgers has nine premium burgers and the Triple XXX (so that’s really nine Xs  all in all), which is their version of Champ or Big Mac. They also have a selection of pastas, rice meals, and other sides. My friend and I decided to split one 3 Cheese Explosion Burger and one Wild Mushroom Pasta. BBB does not have set meals, so we had to pay an additional P39.00 each for the fries and drinks. Our total bill reached P398.00, which is not bad, considering the sizes of their servings.

True to its name, the Wild Mushroom Pasta is served with shiitake mushrooms (can’t vouch for their wildness though) and white sauce, and topped with two gigantic meat-patties (I want to call them meatballs, but really, they’re more like mini-patties because of their size). Although the pasta was tasty in itself, I must confess that my favorite part of the dish were the patties, which were juicy and seasoned just right.

Wild Mushroom Pasta for P135. It’s a wild, wild world, baby. (Okay, that was just terrible.)

The fries are your ordinary thick-cut fries meant as something to munch on in between big burger bites, but I loved the cucumber lemonade and wished there was a free refill. No such luck.

The 3 Cheese Explosion Burger is a great combination of different cheeses, grilled burger patty, and lettuce. The smokey taste of the patty worked well with the rest of the ingredients, even with the burger bun, which was also grilled lightly, as evidenced by the light char marks on its bottom half. I found the burger so tasty, I finished my half in less than three minutes, and my friend wouldn’t stop laughing about it. Hey, I’m a fast eater!

3 Cheese Explosion Burger for P185. Try to savor each bite (unlike what I did).

Although this is the first time I’ve eaten in BBB, I’m happy to discover that there is a branch in Robinson’s Galleria and in other malls in Manila, so I can easily drop by for a visit and try their other burgers in the near future. And maybe try not to finish everything in five minutes tops.


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