The Great Burger Hunt: Big Better Burgers

I love burgers. I am always and forever searching for the perfect burger sandwich. Last June, my search led me to Ayala Serin, when a friend introduced me to Big Better Burgers, her favorite burger place in Tagaytay.

Big Better Burgers has nine premium burgers and the Triple XXX (so that’s really nine Xs  all in all), which is their version of Champ or Big Mac. They also have a selection of pastas, rice meals, and other sides. My friend and I decided to split one 3 Cheese Explosion Burger and one Wild Mushroom Pasta. BBB does not have set meals, so we had to pay an additional P39.00 each for the fries and drinks. Our total bill reached P398.00, which is not bad, considering the sizes of their servings.

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Top 5 Foods You Need to Try in Iloilo

A trip to Iloilo is not complete without sampling their famous dishes and delicacies. Whether you’re into sweet or savory dishes, below are the top 5 foods you need to try at least once during your Iloilo trip:

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Binging on Bengals: Bengal Brew Cat Cafe review

Located at Manhattan Garden City in Araneta Center, Cubao, Bengal Brew is a small cafe that houses more than fifteen bengal cats of different colors and sizes. The cafe’s claim to fame is that it’s the first cat cafe in the world that showcases solely bengal cats (hence the name) in an indoor tropical rainforest setting. Pretty neat, huh?

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Top 5 Essentials That Every Traveler Must Have (But Usually Doesn’t)

I never did enjoy packing for a trip. It’s hard for me to decide what clothes to bring, or how many books I can stuff in my luggage (yes, that’s a real concern). Oftentimes, because I’m so caught up trying to fit everything in one bag (I never liked checking in baggage so I usually just hand-carry my stuff), I forget to pack the obvious and end up regretting it.

If you’re like me, this list should help. Here are top 5 essentials that every traveler must have, but often doesn’t:

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